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New Year New Moon Ritual

As I wrote in There Is Magic In New Beginnings, the start of a new year holds the potential for conjuring some powerful magick. Now is the ideal time to tap into the energy of new beginnings, banish the detritus of the past year from your physical and etheric space, and start with a clean slate for the year ahead.

Cleaning House

The new moon rises in the sign of Capricorn on January 2nd. Draw on Capricorn’s energy of determined action to meet your challenges and achieve your goals, making the first order of business this new year new moon clearing of all the negative vibes hanging around.

Begin by cleaning your physical house or space. The deeper the cleaning, the better—as my mother used to say, “Spic and span from top to bottom.” Use magickal ingredients in your cleaning supplies. Add herbs or essential oils like sage, lavender, citrus mint or pine to your cleaning water, invoking their power of purification. Add, salt and even pepper for protection.

You can make an organic spray cleaner with water, white vinegar and your chosen herbs. Add crystals to the bottle for another layer of magick. Consider citrine or sunstone to shine light and break up stagnant energy. Amethyst will absorb negativity and promote a tranquil environment. And of course clear quartz will amplify all of your magick.

Personal Purification

You are the vessel for your magick. Take the time to cleanse your both your physical and auric bodies in preparation for your new year, new moon ritual. If you’re pressed for time, a smoke cleansing using appropriate herbs will do. If you have more leisure, a vigorous salt scrub in the shower is better.

Image by Tesa Robbins from Pixabay

We all receive and create negative energy that can cling to us and gum up our best efforts to live in vibration with our highest purpose and greatest good. Performing a quick and simple candle ritual like this one can help clear away the crud. Use the following script or write your own that includes not only the baneful magick that may have been sent your way, but any that you have manifested yourself.

Residue of fights and strife, leave my house this very night
Echos of unkind thoughts and words, no longer here are heard
Baneful magick sent, or to me drawn, now forevermore be gone
Clear this house and all who dwell within of hex, curse and dis – ease
From all that hinders our highest good
We are now released

For an alternative to driving an iron nail into the ground (as described in the complete ritual linked above) put a pin in the salt and wax, flush it down the toilet, or put it out in the trash (just remember to remove the trash from your property as soon as possible).

Make Some Noise

After you’ve cleaned house and cleaned up your act (so to speak), open your front and back door, then proceed through your home chasing the etheric crud out, making as much noise as you can. You can bang pots and pans, ring bells, blow a loud whistle and shout words of eviction—Out now! Begone! Shoo! And don’t come back!

If you have more than one floor, work from the top down, toward your doors, and then up from the basement, again toward the doors. If you have family or friends to help you, work all floors simultaneously and meet on the main floor, chasing the baneful energy out the doors.

Put as much physical energy into this part of the new year, new moon ritual as you can. Stamp your feet, dance, proceed through your house with great exuberance and determination—drawn down the energy of the moon in Capricorn.

Cast A Spell of Protection Around Your Home

Image by FanyHoney from Pixabay

When you feel you’ve chased all the bad vibes from your home, close the doors and fill the space with positive energy. Play music, sing or chant, fill the space with laughter. Light incense or a scented candle that corresponds with the energies you want to invoke—like peace, joy, health, prosperity and protection.

Place a protection force field around your home. You can sprinkle salt at the doorways and windows, or used blessed water to draw a sigil on each. Hang a crystal or place a small mirror facing outward at each cardinal direction. Program the crystals or mirrors to deflect all baneful energy. Consider creating a witch ball like this one for protection. My favorite YouTube witch, Mickie Mueller, show you how.


This new year new moon ritual is ideally performed tonight, Jan 1st, and timed so that the house clearing culminates and your doors are closed at midnight. Followed by the house protection. It’s also an effective ritual to perform on the eve of any new moon, beginning before midnight and concluding as the hour strikes the new day.

A Blessing For Your House and Home

May your home and all who dwell within be blessed
May you know joy, luck and love
Health, wisdom and prosperity
May your burdens be light
And your future bright
So it is said, so shall it be
By the power of the elements

and the witchfire in thee.

Blessed Be and Journey Well ~


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