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Lilac Moon Magic

The full moon contained in the month of May is often called the flower moon. In my witching practice, the moon in May is always the Lilac Moon. Perhaps because in my childhood, I could not escape the heady scent of voluptuous purple blooms that filled the air of early summer. Nor did I want to.

The seasons are arriving quite late in my realm this year, so late that I wondered if the lilacs would make their appearance before the days of May ran out. Now, as the moon wanes to dark, the lilacs are just beginning to bloom.

Image © Simple Witchery

In magical lore, lilacs were used to ward evil spirits, and as such were often planted around doorways. Growing up, I don’t recall that there was a home in our neighborhood that didn’t have at least one lilac shrub. An entire line of them separated our yard from the one next door.

In some English traditions, bringing lilacs into the home was thought to be bad luck. There are two possible reasons for this belief. In Victorian times, the heady scent of lilacs was often used to cover the odor of illness and death. Bringing the flowers indoors when all in the house were well, could invite either misfortune. Also, lilacs were believed to be favored by fairies, thus having the blooms in your home welcomed the wild and unpredictable sprites in as well.

I’m not a superstitious witch, so my home is filled with bouquets of lilacs from the time they begin to bloom until the last blossoms fade. I dry the individual flowers to use in incense and magical workings year-round, and I’ve made jelly and syrup both.

Photo from Pixabay

I also work a lot with flower essences in my practice, calling on the vibrational energy, or spirit, of the flower. Lilac is one of my favorite essences. It connects to a deep wellspring of memory, perhaps even recollection of past lives. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, think of lilac energy as a conduit for the ancestral memories encoded in your DNA.

Lilac also corresponds to the planet Venus, and the element of water. As such, the spirit is feminine.

For me, all of this means lilac have a strong connection to the Crone, and the dark of the moon is the perfect time for calling on Crone to ask for guidance and insight. You will need a black candle, an amethyst and a lilac blossom. Additionally, you may want your journal or BOS and something to write with.

Cut the lilac after sunset on the dark moon. Place it on your altar with the candle and amethyst. Before beginning, cleanse your space as you normally do. Light the candle and invite the Crone.

I call on the Crone, Dark Mother, you who are the Goddess of wisdom and experience, the spider who spins her web of fate, the giver of life and death, you whose face on the moon is hidden, you who sees what is unseen. I call on you to come to me this night.

Photo from Pixabay

Hold the amethyst. Connect to the energy of the stone, allowing it to activate your intuition and open your mind to any insights that may come. If you have a tarot deck, placing the Moon card on your altar adds further energetic connection to intuition.

Crone Goddess, face of Grandmother Moon, you who looks down to see all that I am and all that I do, guide me in my path, give me the answers that I seek, show me that which I need to see.

Focus on the candle flame, clear your mind and enter a meditative state. You may ask a specific question, or simply be open to whatever images or messages may come to you. Continue meditating for twenty minutes or more.

Thank the Crone for her insight, and any wisdom she imparted. Blow out the candle. You may want to record your insights in your journal or BOS. If you feel you didn’t connect, try placing the lilac under your pillow before going to sleep and ask the Crone to speak to you in your dreams.


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