Modern Witchcraft

Women have innate talents and exceptional abilities that go unnoticed by our society, that even women themselves do not fully appreciate. If every woman were to listen closely enough to her own secret song—not simply with ears, but with eyes, loins, breast, heart, spirit and soul—she would discover a power that she has carried within since before the beginning of time. I call this power Witch.

Laurie Cabbot

The practice of simple witchery is nothing new: it’s as old as women gathering, nurturing and healing their communities, and as natural as charming bees to harvest their honey, or collecting rainwater to brew a sweet mead. Witchcraft, in and of itself, is not a religion, rather, it is the practice of developing personal agency through sovereignty and accountability. While some modern witches combine their magickal practice with personally styled spirituality, others weave their witchcraft into established religions. Just as many practice their craft as agnostic or atheist witches. No two witches are exactly alike; each witch is true unto self, personal virtues, and values.

A witch works within the laws of the physical and natural worlds, connecting the the life force energy within to the that of the universe—all life is energy and all energy is transmutable. A witch’s quest is for knowledge; knowledge of self first and foremost, and knowledge of place and purpose. A witch combines intent with focused will to manifest desired outcomes. A witch knows that magick exists all around us, we have only to believe it is so.

I am a Priestess, Sorceress, and Crone, stirring up simple witchery, for every day living. I claim the northern wildwoods surrounding the Great Lake Spurerior as my home. I’m a collector of plants and herbs, maker of potions, tinctures, and elixirs. I follow the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere in real time, as they unfold in my realm.

I am called to share the way of simple witchery. I invite you to join me in my continuing journey.

May we travel well and blessed be. So it is, so it is, and so it ever shall be.