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Becoming Crone ~ Manifesting the Wise Woman Within

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A metamorphosis of reaping and refining for the seasoned witch. Becoming Crone is a sacred journey into your deepest desire and highest purpose as you manifest a magical life beyond the archetype of Mother-Nurturer and take up the mantle of wise woman. More information and Next Enrollment ~ Fall 2021

13 Moons

Join me in a slow dance of deep connection with the moon. Sway with the gentle rhythms of her waxing and waning. Dive into your deepest wisdom with each dark moon and shine your brightest beneath Luna’s full gaze. Coming in 2021

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13 Spells

A year of spellcrafting. Craft and cast one spell each month—plus one, for a witches dozen of magickal spells to suit every purpose. Learn by doing as we hone in on intentions, choose energetic correspondences, build layers, write incantations and release the spell to do its work. Spring 2021

Eight Essential Spells

Eight spells carefully chosen from the full course on spell work, to help build your spell crafting skills. Self paced course. Coming soon

Mini Spell Course ~
Three Foundational Spells to Get You Started

Begin building your spell crafting skills by mastering these three foundational spells. Learn to cleanse and clear your space, tools, and personal aura. Call in that which you desire with spells for increase and abundance. Let that which no longer serves purpose begone with spells for decrease and releasing. Self paced course. Coming soon

Living Your Magick

You already know how to make things happen—we all do. Call it enchantment, blessings, fortune or fate. Every woman possess a creative force within her, and has the ability to shape her life as she imagines. Start living your magick every day, and discover the power of simple witchery to manifest your desires. Coming soon.

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