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Honey Moon in June Love Spell

The June full moon is the sweetest full moon of the year. Traditional names include Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon and Rose Moon. There’s no denying that all of these names conjure up feelings of romance and love.

June remains the most popular month for weddings. As the saying goes ~

Mary in June and you’ll always be a bride.

But, did you know that June is named for the Roman goddess Juno? As a patron goddess, she watched over the women of Rome, and among her many aspects she was said to be the goddess of marriage and childbirth, and to have dominion over the waning and waxing moon.

All of this makes the full moon in June perfect timing for a love spell. Whether you wish to attract the person you desire, bring romance back to a current relationship, or rescue a love on the rocks, this spell can help.

You will need two birthday candles—one blue and one pink, or colors of your choice to represent you and the person you wish to create magical love with, a fireproof dish, and honey.

Write your name and the name of your love on a piece of paper, then place it beneath the dish. You can add symbols, like hearts, or a sigil for love. Measure 3 tsp of honey into the dish— one for you, one for your love and one to make it stick.
Stand the candles up close together in the honey (heat the bottom to soften the wax and then press them down onto the dish). Light the candles and focus on the flames. See the twin flames becoming one. Let the candles burn down to the honey
while concentrating on all the aspects of love you desire. Affirmations will increase the power of your spell. You might say something like, “Perfect love and harmony, forever shall it be, for my love and me.” When the candles burn out (on their own), scrape the wax and honey into the paper, fold it in thirds, and then thirds again, saying “By 3 x 3 this spell is sealed, as I say, so shall it be.” Bury your love spell outside beneath the full moon (or inside in a house plant) asking Mother Earth to nurture your love and help it grow strong.

©Simple Witchery

Turn up the magical heat by adding these additional elements:

  • Dress the candles with a love oil of infused herbs such as rose petal (love), lavender (healing) or basil (fidelity)
  • Place the Lovers card from a tarot deck beneath the paper with your names
  • Sprinkle rose quartz chips, or rose petals on the plate
  • Bury your spell beneath a rose bush


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